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C-store morphing into drugstore

Updated: Apr 27

A convenience store, by virtue of its name, exists to make your life more… convenient. You stop to fill up the gas tank – or, at some future-geared locations, charge your EV – and while you are at it, get into the store to buy a cup of coffee, a carton of milk, and a candy bar.

But what about your health and wellness needs? Multivitamins, natural stimulants, and even OTC medications are now sharing shelves with milk and candy at more c-store locations every day.

Recent partnership agreement between the provider of health and wellness products GNC with c-store operator Pilot Flying J is an example of this strategy that becomes increasingly popular in the industry.

"Our partnership with GNC, a leading brand in wellness products, furthers our mission to provide our guests with the top products and services to fuel their journeys," said Brian Ferguson, chief merchant for Pilot Flying J. "Now more than ever it's vital that our on-the-go guests have convenient access to essential supplements and high-quality products that promote health and wellness. We are thrilled to offer GNC products at our stores across the United States."

While this is a reasonable and justified strategy, with limited shelf space available at an average c-store, it is increasingly important for an operations manager to select the optimum stock for each store location. At Ticon, we saw the operator’s challenge and came to the rescue with our updated version of the ever-popular C-Site Insight™ report that includes enhanced demographics data, reflecting age distribution and frequency of various diseases among the neighboring population.

Armed with the data provided by our reports, c-store operators can make their health-and-wellness product ordering more aligned with their clients at each individual location.

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