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Ticon platform and Toolbox for Mobility Improvement and Performance Monitoring (SLIDES)

Updated: Apr 27


  1. Relevance and ampleness of traffic data

  2. Ticon platform for data collection and analysis

  3. Ticon Customer-oriented reporting system (on the example of "Before-After" analysis)

  4. Cyclical workflow for successful ITS implementation and mobility improvement

  5. Forensic retrospective analysis

Traffic data virtual space

Our mission

To deliver ample, accurate and available traffic data to the industry. These data should be:

  1. Available for any road

  2. Ample to ensure true understanding of traffic changes and traffic regularities over time and space

  3. Accurate enough for the task they are used

  4. Affordable enough to prevent the loss of ITS quality due to attempts to reduce the data collection expense

  5. Arranged and aggregated for decision-making

Ticon platform


Example: Before-After analysis by Trafficscope

Before-After analysis report structure

Benefits at a glance: Traffic delay matrix

Traffic delay benefit Eastbound

Traffic delay along the corridor

Eastbound Friday 4 pm - 6 pm

Parkway Dr NE - North Ave NE. Saturation analysis

Traffic Speed and Volume changes evaluation

Eastbound Friday 4 pm - 6 pm

Traffic Speed and Volume changes evaluation

Techwood Dr. NW - North Ave NE

Wednesday, Eastbound

Workflow on the example of signal timing update

Forensic and historic capabilities


  1. Ticon opens new possibilities for mobility improvements due to its ample data model, comprehensive processing algorithm and Customer-oriented reporting system. Good performance of Ticon algorithm is fueled by the use of multi-sourced, high resolution data processed by comprehensive proprietary algorithm (patents pending).

  2. Ticon platform is "affordably unlimited", which allows fast scaled implementation of Smart city philosophy, as well as effective tune-ups of implemented ITS.

  3. Ticon areal study of road capacity along with forensic retrospective analysis allows for choosing most efficient projects and transportation planning aimed for fast mobility improvement.

  4. Ticon allows for performance based pricing model for ITS implementation.

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