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July 12, 2023

​​The High Cost of Traffic Congestion: Exploring the root causes of losses

In today's fast-paced world, the impact of poor mobility is undeniable. Traffic congestion has become a major issue, with its economic repercussions stretching far beyond mere inconvenience...

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June 22, 2023

Mindful Approach to Improving Mobility: Unleashing the Potential of Innovative Solutions

In today's fast-paced world, enhancing mobility is no longer a luxury but a necessity. It's clear that improving mobility not only drives economic growth but also fosters environmental...

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May 11, 2023

The Benefits of Accurate Traffic Count for C-Stores

For retailers, the ultimate goal is to attract as many customers as possible and make their store a regular part of customers' daily routines. To achieve this, convenience stores need to...

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November 7, 2022

New traffic data collection technologies require new verification methods

The increasing information explosion demands new approaches to the selection and utilization of data. Tremendous amounts of constantly generated information, along with the technical...

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