Ticon provides ample traffic data for transportation planning and mobility management

For the first time ever, complete traffic flow information properly packaged for optimal decision-making is available for all routes and intersections.

AADT – volumes – speed – LOS – Comprehensive performance metrics

No hardware. No installations. No maintenance.

Ticon covers all roads and roadways in US and in 50+ countries worldwide



Ticon traffic data and car counts collected 24/365 and is available going back for up to 12 years



Ticon is a world pioneer in providing precise traffic and car counts data for exact geographic location – up to single street address, instead of TMC segments (mile and more)



Optimal structuring of hi-res data over time and space allows auto-mated identification of local changes in traffic patterns 



Lowest percentage error and highest confidence level of volume estimation in the industry




Innovative Ticon algorithm mines and processes terabytes of multi-sourced big data using multivariate analysis to produce traffic information focused on your particular location: city, neighborhood, street or even exact address.​

  • AADT 

  • Intraday traffic volumes 

  • Speed and speed distribution,

  • Traffic demand,

  • LOS and other comprehensive performance metrics 



Ticon delivers accurate traffic maps with dashboard, as well as highly detailed reports, containing all relevant traffic data in convenient, easy to read format. 

The highest quality guaranteed by cross-verification of multiple-sourced high-resolution traffic data and continuous 24/7 observation with full spatial coverage and forensic capabilities.

Ticon provides all vital traffic information, including even intraday volumes, saving Customers valuable time for the most important part - decision making. 

Ticon reports are based on in-depth knowledge of traffic engineering and on expert consideration of specificity of our Consumers’ industries, which ensures 100% confidence in the optimal solution.



Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic ..

Arthur C. Clarke

  • High resolution due to the observation of short road segments  (up to 50 ft.) vs TMC segments (from half a mile to several miles)

  • Unsurpassed accuracy of traffic volume information due to multivariate Big Data analytics together with algorithmic approach 

    • Better accuracy of AADT estimation 

    • Intraday traffic volume data, unique in the industry

  • All-road coverage vs highways and some major local roads coverage

  • Forensic capabilities based on historic Big Data analysis

  • Exceptional situation awareness and situation understanding based on multi-dimensional traffic maps

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Data sources

Ticon platform gathers initial data from a variety of sources. We continuously add new data contributors particularly suited for specific tasks or areas of interest.


All data is ranked by relevance, checked, verified and filtered to describe the road network, means of traffic control and vehicles behavior.

Ticon proprietary algorithm precisely estimates all vital parameters of the traffic flow by several complementing and cross-verified methods, assuring accurate computation of the flow volume in any traffic condition – from free flow to oversaturated traffic regime.

Direct data

Road geometry and functional classes

Traffic signs, etc

Traffic signals and intersections

GPS: travel times, aggregated tracks, etc

Connected cars data: travel times, acceleration, events, etc

Traffic incidents

Indirect data


Location based services

Traditional data

Traffic detectors and counters




In theory, there’s no difference between theory and practice. But in practice, there is.

Yogi Berra

​Unsurpassed accuracy is proven by direct comparison of Ticon estimations with the measurements by state of the art detectors and validated counters. 

A number of field tests in over 20 cities with population ranging from 100,000 to 12,000,000 people had shown:

  • High level of accuracy for:

    • Intraday and hourly traffic volumes

    • AADT 

    • Traffic flow speed

  • Virtually universal road coverage

  • Exceptional quality of performance metrics 

  • Reliable operation even with the small probe sizes.

​Case studies, comprising detailed comparison with all other solutions, including detection, floating cars and Big Data based technologies, are available upon request


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