TrafficZoom, our innovative tool for Smart Cities, delivers static and dynamic multi-dimensional traffic map, where the Traffic Volume of every segment is represented by its width and Speed - in color. FRC/Volume and Delay/Volume maps also available to add more analytical opportunities. Side panel provides exact information on traffic patterns for each section of each road.
These maps demonstrate how the network accommodates the traffic demand in current circumstances (road conditions, legal limitations, weather, traffic density, etc.)

TrafficZoom maps provide superior visualization of road network performance, bottleneck dynamics of traffic congestions and help the user understand how the road network functions.

TrafficZoom is an excellent tool for evaluation of the performance of each road (expressed as its ability to deliver continuously stable levels of mobility), as well as for development of mobility improvement plans.

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TrafficZoom Dashboard


Ticon Dashboard is excellent upgrade to the TrafficZoom product for Transportation Performance Management - a strategic approach that uses system information to make investment and policy decisions and helps decision makers allowing them to understand the consequences of investment decisions across the transportation network. 

TraffcZoom Dashboard provides key information for Transportation Performance Management by delivering instant information on the Level of Service (LOS) and other metrics for each street in the whole city or in any chosen square on the map, including:

  • Areal performance: Travel time and Traffic delay, Speed capacity and performance, Network Bandwidth utilization by hours.

  • Streets performance: Travel time and Traffic delay,  LOS for each street and each segment of each street for the entire day or period of time during the day 

By automating LOS determination the TrafficZoom Dashboard allows instant understanding of the traffic management efficiency and helps in mobility improvement planning




Trafficscope, ITS development and 'Before-after' Evaluation Smart Tool, combines the advantages of traffic detection monitoring and floating car study for just a fraction of cost. We generate 24/7/365 high resolution data stream for calculating true values of:


  • ADT by day, month, year,

  • Actual space speed, speed and travel time distribution, 

  • Intraday traffic volumes.

We use these data to calculate real changes in vital traffic patterns in the corridor of study and to determine improvement efficiency metrics for each section of the road with high temporal (up to 15 min) and spatial (up to exact address) resolution. 

The report can be generated for any chosen periods ‘before’ and ‘after’ the improvement measures had been implemented. Generating the report for only one ‘current’ period of time helps to identify problematic places and time slots, as well as to understand possible improvement benefits.

With TrafficScope reports you can choose optimal places for renewal and optimization; set contractor goals and customer expectations properly; support continuous improvements and align contractor compensation with achieved efficiency.




StreetSiteTraffic, Business Site Traffic Analysis and Reporting system provides smart decision support for retail site selection.
Our report offers unique benefits to retailers and store operators by providing:

  • True values of average daily traffic,

  • Intra-day distribution of traffic flows,

  • Daily, monthly and yearly averages for traffic volumes,

  • Congestion and Rush Hour analysis.

All the above mentioned information is available:

  • For the exact street address, based on the observation of traffic at the location, not for a ZIP-code, polygon, miles-long TMC segment or “nearby street",

  • For the whole period of interest, based on continuous observation, not for an “average week” or few days of tube-counter study,

  • Current and up-to-date (one week), rather than “last available” measurement, which may be years old.


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Ticon enables quick understanding of traffic patterns, street usage, provides higher quality of transportation planning

and signal timing optimization as well as convenient and objective mobility analysis.